At Lifeguard and Safety we are committed to providing a safe working environment for your cast and crew. Your production needs to be exciting and spectacular, but also safe and we believe these two aims are not mutually exclusive. Instead of being obstinate and inflexible our film safety personnel work with the rest of the crew to deliver solutions for filming dramatic stunts, scenery and action with acceptable levels of risk.

To help achieve these aims we can assist in the following areas;

•    Hazard identification and safety reports
•    First aid and medical services
•    Water safety/Safety boats/Camera Boats/Hero boats
•    Marine Co-ordination
•    Risk Assessment
•    Climbing, rigging and height safety services
•    Commercial and rescue divers
•    Helicopter and fixed wing safety
•    OSH requirements

We also provide film safety, medical, rigging and water safety/boat operators to various production companies and ad shoots.